Software development outsourcing to Thailand

Do you have a software company, tech company or are you a start-up?

No matter what you are, everyone is interested in saving money, because what’s saved is also earned.

When that’s said, VSI offers software development outsourcing at very fair prices without compromising the quality. 

We help you, to setup a outsourced team among our other outsourced teams in our top modern office in the heart of Chiang Mai, Thailand.

We not only help to set it up, we also manage your team, take care of HR, make sure they reach their goals, fire them for you if someone needs to be fires and hire them, when more is needed.

All managers in VSI Group are native danish, one of the leading countries in software development. We bring our mind of quality to Thailand and combine it with the best developers we can find here, to make sure that the teams we setup here, deliver 100% quality work.

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Why do others choose
software development outsourcing to VSI ?

In most cases when we start a new collaboration with a company, the reason why they choose us, is because they have tried software development outsourcing with a Indian or other asian country, where they had direct contact with a local business man.

And, in most cases, these kind of outsourcing setup fails, simply because asian people and western people are not like minded.

So when they try outsourcing through VSI Group, they get a whole different experience. Quality workers, not more misunderstandings and miscommunication, but a company who understands them and think like them.

In general the big difference when you choose software development outsourcing with VSI Group is, that the quality of the work is done in a whole new level than what they are used to, but still at a very low cost.

How it works

When you first contact us, we will take our time to listen and understand your company and your need in software development outsourcing. We will have a conversation by email, phone or skype and narrow down exactly what you need.

Then we will make you a quotation of the cost, to setup your team based on our conversation and if you find the quote interesting, we will make a contract.

Once the contract is signed, we will start to look for the right workers for your team. We will have interviews in different levels, where you as a partner will be included.

When we find the right candidates, we will start a 3 month probation period. We will setup the team with all necessary hardware and software to be able to deliver the jobs you need. With in these 3 month, we will work on the communication flow, work-flow in the team, setting up management software etc. to make sure that your communication with your team runs smoothly.

With in the probation time, a worker can be dismissed if it turns out that the worker is not good enough and will be replaced by another, who also starts at a 3 month probation time.

A contract per employee in the team, will be based on 12 month.

All the benefits

Why VSI?

Well, you get a managed team by a experienced software development company in asia at a low cost with out any HR so you can focus on developing your business, while your team focus on developing your product.


What the clients say

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Let us know a bit about your requirements for the perfect team and we will tailor a quote for you!

  • Skills needed ?How many employees ?