Partner and scale with us, like other great companies!

Professional and dedicated full time teams at your service.

Very shortly, you tell us about your dream team and we tailor the team for you, located with in our office.

The prices depends on the qualifications the employee needs. We tailor your team exactly as you need it.

Any contract are bound for 12 month. BUT, all contracts start with a 3 month probation time, where it can be cancelled without notice. This way, you have 3 month to test us.

Anything... Basically, we find employees per request. At the moment we have developers, motion graphic designers, copywriters and much more in our team.

We will take care of all HR management. But the daily project management etc. depends how your team is tailored. Some team has project managers from their own country and other teams have direct contact via mail, skype etc. and manage the projectmanagement overseas.

Who are
VSI Group Asia Co., Ltd. ?

VSI is an experienced company in software development. We are located in northern Thailand, in a city called Chiang Mai. The company is owned and managed by a Danish guy called Mikkel.

Do to our location, benefit of the low salaries and high education we have build a successful software business here and we are now taking it to the next level.

We have just moved to a new and bigger office, to make space for dedicated teams, outsourced to us under our management. We have already set up a couple of teams with great success and we are looking forward to help you setting up your team here with us.

How it works

First we will need some specs about the team you would like to setup; Skills, hours, employees etc.

Then we will estimate the cost of the team per month and if you accept it, we will make a contract with you.

Once the contract is signed, we will start having interviews and finding the right people for your team.

Once we have found and hired the people, we will setup the team physically in our office with the newest hardware and all necessary software.

After that, we will run a 3 month test period, where we have to make all the adjustments about the setup, communication etc. and after 3 months, your team and you are all good to go.

Why VSI?

Well, you get a managed team by a experienced software development company in asia at a low cost with out any HR so you can focus on developing your business, while your team focus on developing your product.


Write us
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Let us know a bit about your requirements for the perfect team and we will tailor a quote for you!

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